Adrian Paci: Still Voices
Haifa Museum of Art
10 February 2022 - 25 June 2022

Extending over an entire floor, the exhibition is dedicated to a wide survey of video works by world-renowned artist Adrian Paci, starting with his earliest work from 1997 and concluding with two world premieres of his recent works from 2021. Paci is one of the most prominent and influential contemporary artists, who over two decades has been sensitively commenting on current political and social upheavals, while maintaining a unique humanistic voice. His art focuses on the individual, on singular human beings living within a collective, whose voices, facial expressions, and bodily movements are explored in his videos as in portraiture. From a close examination of specific people and unique situations, Paci zooms out to reflect on universal concepts and feelings such as loss and the struggle to overcome it.

Paci was born in Shkodër, Albania, and immigrated to Italy in 1997. His work addresses the state of liminality: of being between places, times, and cultures. The gaps and intervals explored in his work are all but empty: they are crowded with memories and desires that cannot be fully expressed. Stillness, silence, pauses, fragmented texts, and inconclusive narratives are the major elements of his works. Via sensitive aesthetic research of the medium of video, Paci fills the textual and audio voids with images that articulate what words fail to communicate. They convey the desire to heal, to overcome trauma, to achieve a sense of belonging and hold onto loved ones.

adrian paci