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Cynthia Hawkins


Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester
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“Hawkins/Gonzalez” presents the compelling artistic visions of Rochester-based painter, Cynthia Hawkins; and Binghamton-based sculptor, Ronald Gonzalez. This two-person exhibition features 20 paintings and works on paper by Hawkins, alongside over 80 of Gonzalez’s found object sculptures. Cynthia Hawkins’s paintings, continue her extended exploration of mark-making, and long-commitment to abstraction toward a symbolic language of shapes and signs. Ronald Gonzalez’s new series of bed sculptures, showcased in various sizes, exemplify his masterful use of found objects to transform the familiar into a symbol laden with meaning. This juxtaposition invites viewers to engage deeply with two divergent contemporary art practices and explore the nuanced expressions of these exceptional artists.

As Hawkins has stated, “My practice is abstraction. I use a variety of resources to produce my work, including natural forms, astronomic forms, and maps and interstellar locations. My work is a response to the visible and invisible, the known and the mysterious.” Her work, informed by a rich palette and explorations of form, embody emotional landscapes that resonate with viewers. Hawkins’s long artistic journey reflects a commitment to pushing the boundaries of contemporary painting and her in-depth effort to evoke profound emotional experiences through her work. “I believe art has the power to reach beneath the surface, to connect us to our emotions, our shared humanity, and the mysteries that lie beyond our understanding.”