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pae white

chamois, foggy and sespe

Kaufmann Repetto Milan

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As an artist who lives in Los Angeles Pae White is aware, as many of her same generation are, (she was born in 1963) of the influence which design has on the art object, but at the same time she is in awe of the beauty of old, hand made European objects, which she knowingly fetishises.

She was lead to the idea of constructing her own chandeliers by not being able to afford the expense of the original crystals ones. At the same time, as an up close sight of these objects reveal, they dismiss completely the accuracy with which every single component of them was made: each tear of these chandeliers resemble more a pre-historical tool or a picked up, irregular stone than the accurately carved reflective glass of a time. Behind the ‘I will make my own’ emerge also some sort of rebellion towards the merely decorative chandeliers. As these objects are not installed in a space which accommodates their proportion, a theatre or a villa, and they cannot be hung at 10 meters from the ground they became incredibly intrusive objects the roughness and dominating aspects of which becomes entrancing. As they shift from their merely illuminating functionality they become real and proper sculptures, which similarly to other works of the artist, such as her mobiles for instance, have the power to direct the mind towards an ample spectrum of images.

As Pae White takes possession of the concept of an object and rubs it out of all connected meanings she simultaneously finds in the sole shape and in the new chances which the installation and chromatic variation may bring the source for poetical adaptation. In her chandeliers for instant, accordingly to the colour in which they are painted and the way they are connected they inspire different thoughts. In the case of her white, yellow and cream variations one had the impression of walking into a very low cloud or to be caught by snow. In the case of the ones installed at galleria francesca kaufmann they give out, with their different reds, the impression of being caught in a bonfire.