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latifa echakhch


MAC – Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon
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Latifa Echakhch encourages us to go beyond simple appearances and the simplistic reading that is too often imposed on us by contemporary society and the media; she invites us to see the history of the world through its minute details which will allow us new insights, perspectives and readings. She is inventing a new kind of poetry. The artist calls upon geography and the notion of culture, just as she uses personal or collective history to place them at the heart of a social-political debate.

Her “language” is sensitive but surprisingly powerful in apparent contradiction with her desire to use modest materials, such as sugar, tea glasses, carpets, stencils and food colouring agents.

«The objects and materials that I use have been chosen for their banal and easily-recognizable character, they allow me to reveal artistic actions that can be easily understood, thereby highlighting the critical flaws or rifts that surround us. […] I’m particularly attached to the poetic dimension of the artistic action, because the poetry that interests me is that which deconstructs the sensitive. Such an approach allows for a permanent critical questioning.» Latifa Echakhch