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latifa echakhch


Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz
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Transformation and memory are the key themes that inform Latifa Echakhch’s oeuvre. As part of the consistent pursuit of her approach, the artist has combined in this exhibition three work groups and individual objects, all dealing with deconstruction and change.

wall texts that have partially become detached appear alongside imposing paintings featuring networks of tangled lines and scenery flats, disillusioningly seen from behind: fading memories of an individual self, whose unfulfilled hopes have outlasted youthful simplicity, attempts to break free from ascribed identities, and the seemingly endless multitude of definitions of one’s own personality are all simultaneously represented here.

In her work, the artist calls into question the symbolic significance of objects. She experiments with that significance by bringing all sorts of national, cultural,(socio)political and personal influences to bear on the objects and by changing their context, which results in a new freedom of thinking about them. Her own story as a Frenchwoman with Moroccan roots living in Switzerland forms the backdrop for themes that concern all of us.

Latifa Echakhch (b. 1974), who was awarded the Prix Marcel Duchamp in 2013 and the zurich Art prize in 2015, will have her first museum exhibition in Austria at the LENTOS.