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pae white

Till it’s gone

Istanbul Modern
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till it’s gone


“TILL IT’S GONE” presents a selection of artists who undertake conceptual research on nature and focus on ecological issues in their artistic practices. The artists are from various generations and have intricate relationships with the concept of sustainability; they bring to bear diverse interpretations and insights pertaining to the interaction between human beings and the ecosystem. The exhibition features paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, and moving images by twenty artists and art collectives from Turkey and other geographies.


Pae white, C≈K◊CHΔRMS‡, 2014

The project, conceived as a sort of light therapy to offset seasonal affective disorder, refers formally to ornamental motifs from a mythical magic carpet. Hued in different gradations of white that simulate the effects of daylight, the neon installation creates a joyful “light room” in which visitors can immerse themselves.