Who’s Afraid of Stardust? Positions of Contemporary Queer Art
Kunsthalle Nürnberg
21 October 2023 - 11 February 2024

The Kunsthaus and Kunsthalle Nürnberg are collaborating to present the international group exhibition who’s afraid of stardust? positions of contemporary queer artThe exhibition features works by 30 artists who address aspects of queer life and so make substantial contributions to the current debate on diversity with their individual perspectives on societal power structures.

David Bowie’s legendary art-figure Ziggy Stardust is the inspiration behind the exhibition title Who’s Afraid of Stardust? Short flaming red hair, experimental make-up, high heels and sexually charged stage shows: In the alien Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie created a world-famous genderfluid figure in 1972, playing with gender roles and sexual identity and thus throwing into question the two-gender, heteronormative social order. The exhibition title, therefore, also refers to the dualism of socio-political struggle and pop and glamour that is central to the queer community.

Participating artists:

Soufiane Ababri
Leigh Bowery
katherine bradford
Julia Bünnagel
Hans Diernberger & Will Saunders
Jochen Flinzer
Félix González-Torres
Harry Hachmeister
Keith Haring
Peter Hujar
Oliver Husain
Verena Issel
Sabrina Jung
Barish Karademir & Walter Schütze
Zora Kreuzer
Navot Miller
Mrzyk & Moriceau
Andreas Oehlert
Jens Pecho
Martin Pfeifle
Claus Richter
Chloe Sherman
Cindy Sherman
Otakar Skala
Andy Warhol
Thilo Westermann
Tobias Zielony