Latifa echachkh – BPS22


Invited by the BPS22 for her first big exhibition in Belgium, internationally renowned artist Latifa Echakhch (Morocco, 1974) presents a new installation and a selection of older works in relation to the architecture of place and her local roots.

The work of Latifa Echakhch is simultaneously conceptual and romantic, political and poetic. Practitioner of painting, sculpture and fixtures, she chooses materials and objects that are easily apprehensible, invested in an intimate and/or historical burden that she reduces to silence by destruction, erasure and recovery. She deprives them of their use – pushing what they were into oblivion – in order to summon the memory, question the evidence, and make the ghosts that resurface from it speak up.

For several years now, Latifa Echakhch renews the tradition of the romantic landscape and its associated motive: ruin. For the BPS22, she specifically designs a stroll composed of a succession of downgraded decorations, half suspended, like many of the traces and remnants of an action that took place. Summoning the notions of loss, abandonment, traces, the exhibition forms a set of personal landscapes where memory recalls the obsolescence of modernity and its ruins.

Curator : Dorothée DUVIVIER