claremont mckenna college, los angeles
20 September 2023

A stunning, interactive art experience will be unveiled on the Claremont McKenna College campus in September with Qwalala, an extraordinary glass wall sculpture created by American artist pae white.

Comprised of more than 1,500 glass bricks, each weighing nearly 40 pounds and hand-forged by Italian artisans in a palette of 26 colors, Qwalala is derived from the Pomo tribal word describing the meandering path of the Gualala River on the northern coast of California. Like the river itself, Qwalala will change visually throughout the day as light and shadows cast upon clear and colored glass bricks, creating a “storm”-like effect of swirling color, while remaining transparent.

The complex installation was supported by a design team of structural engineers and landscape architects who provided a thorough design, structural analysis, and site preparation for the installation to be completed in 2023. The artwork is supported by a steel base and custom structural sealant applied in an innovative manner by specialized team with experience in complicated architecturial installations.

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