Lands End
For-site Foundation, San Francisco
7 November 2021 - 27 March 2022

We can no longer deny that the natural world is more vulnerable than ever to human impact. The seeming abundance of natural resources that we draw from to support exponential population growth, endless expansion, and a relentless cycle of consumption and disposal belies the fragility of this planet. Our ability to address the evidence—in spite of flagrant disbelief, hubris, and resistance to the realities of climate change—is now of the greatest import.

It is unproductive to silo topics such as human rights and equity, climate change and sustainability. Instead, we must recognize these issues as interrelated—making our response to their associated challenges all the more urgent. As is often the case, artists are at the vanguard of social change. Through their work, they offer hope and possibility in the face of crisis.

FOR-SITE’s new exhibition, Lands End, invites visitors to wade into an immersive environment where their charge is twofold: to discover artwork in unlikely places and to consider the planet’s health. By bringing together a group of artists from around the world, the exhibition strives to remind viewers of our interconnectedness via global currents of water and air, and to encourage them to partake in all the fresh ideas and perspectives that emerge from the rising tides as we head deeper into this tumultuous century.

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pae white

pae white, lands end, 2021
installation view, afor-site foundation, san francisco