The Athletes
Art Basel, Basel
12 June 2023 - 18 June 2023

In The Athletes, the artist’s largest painting to date, Katherine Bradford continues to draw on her history as an 81-year-old painter, mother, lesbian, and grandmother. In this over five-meter-long triptych, Bradford articulates a vision of community, empowerment, and the complex interconnectivity of human relationships. The painting depicts five monumental figures supporting each other in a collaborative event or social situation, surrounded by an inky blue sky and multicolored discs that hover and float. Bradford indulges her offbeat humor in this parade of bathers or acrobats, who exude both vulnerability and self-assurance alike. Here the individual qualities of a multiracial, multigender, and multicolored group of characters are integrated into a recognizable and powerful collective.


Unlimited Opening (by invitation only):
Mon. June 12, 4pm – 8pm, First Choice VIP cardholders
Mon. June 12, 6pm – 8pm, Preview VIP cardholders

VIP Opening (by invitation only):
Tues. June 13, 11am – 8pm, First Choice VIP cardholders
Tues. June 13, 4pm – 8pm, Preview VIP cardholders
Weds. June 14, 11am – 8pm

Public Opening:
Thurs. June 15, 11am – 7pm
Fri. June 16, 11am – 7pm
Sat. June 17, 11am – 7pm
Sun. June 18, 11am – 7pm

Unlimited Night:
Thurs. June 15, 7pm – 10pm


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