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Magdalena suarez Frimkess: biography, selected museum exhibitions, public collections and shows at kaufmann repetto



born in 1929 in Caracas, Venezuela. She lives and works in Venice, California.

Since the 1970s, Magdalena Suarez Frimkess has been creating hand-painted, rather than dipped, glazed ceramics which feature content varying from mythological motifs to pop characters and advertisements, from both history and memory. Utilizing sculptural forms, Suarez Frimkess’s works share her personal story as well as her unparalleled representations of the socio-political times through which her career has endured.


selected museum exhibitions

Although Suarez Frimkess’s artworks in collaboration with her partner and life-long collaborator Michael Frimkess achieved acclaim, her first solo exhibition was not until 2013, at 84 years-old, at South Willard, Los Angeles. Subsequent solo exhibitions were held at South Willard, Los Angeles (2015, 2018, 2019) and White Columns, New York (2014).

Her two-person and group exhibitions include How to Read… Disney, Mak Center, Schindler House, Los Angeles, (2017); Looking Back, The 9th White Columns Annual, White Columns, New York (both 2015); Made In L.A., Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (all 2014); and The Cat Show, White Columns, New York (2013).


public collections

suarez frimkess’ work is held in the collections of the hammer museum of art, los angeles, the huntington library, art collections, and botanical gardens, san marino, ca, the los angeles county museum of art (lacma), and the museum of arts and design, new york, among others.


shows at Kaufmann Repetto

Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, 2017, solo show at kaufmann repetto New York
Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, 2016, solo show at kaufmann repetto Milan

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upcoming solo exhibition

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Los Angeles


Selected solo exhibitions

Magdalena Suarez Frimkess | 90, South Willard, Los Angeles


Hand Built Ceramics 1958-2018, with Michael Frimkess, South Willard, Los Angeles
Magdalena Suarez Frimkess | New Work, South Willard, Los Angeles

Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, kaufmann repetto, New York

Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, kaufmann repetto, Milano

Magdalena Suarez Frimkess | New Works, South Willard, Los Angeles

Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, White Columns, New York
Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, South Willard, Los Angeles


Selected group exhibitions

Artifices instables, Stories of ceramics, Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, Monaco
Vent’anni – Twenty Years, 20th anniversary exhibition, kaufmann repetto, Milan

Siobhan Liddell: Nobody’s World, Gordon Robichaux, New York

How to Read El Pato Pascual: Disney’s Latin America and Latin America’s Disney, MAK Center, Sindler House, Los Angeles

Magdalena Suarez Frimkess & Ben Russell, Michael Jon & Alan, Miami

The Avant-Garde Won’T Give Up: Cobra And Its Legacy, Blum & Poe, Los Angeles
Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, Kelly Marie Conder, Bella Foster, South Willard, Los Angeles
Looking Back / The 9th White Columns Annual, selected by Cleopatra’s, White Columns, New York

Selected By…, Limoncello, London
Another Cats Show, 356 Mission, Los Angeles
Made In L.A. 2014, UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

Grapevine, David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles
The Cat Show, White Columns, New York
Why is Everything the Same?, Shoot The Lobster, New York

Michael and Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, South Willard, Los Angeles New Work/ Vintage, Lacoste Gallery, Concord

Contemporary Ceramics, Danese, New York

Comic Iconoclasm, Cornerhouse, Manchester


Selected public collections

Hammer Museum of Art, Los Angeles
The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Los Angeles
Museum of Arts and Design, New York

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Oral history interview with Michael and Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, 2001 March 8-April 17. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution