Dan Perjovschi: The Long Wall Report
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens
28 January 2023 - 29 October 2023

Dan Perjovschi was born in Sibiu, Romania in 1961 where he lives and works. Since the 1990s and in the aftermath of the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, Perjovschi has become internationally known for his cartoon-like drawings in museums and other institutional spaces, as well as public spaces. His characteristic imagery, executed in permanent black markers draws from current affairs, politics, social issues and contemporary narratives, situations and pathologies. With a humorous, incisive and critical eye, Perjovschi explores political topics including recent global conflicts and contestations, identity issues, cultural biases, and burning issues such as the migration crises and religious conflicts, but also consumerist habits. Perjovschi has transformed the practice of drawing into a medium of information, political commentary and activism. Expressing difficult ideas in rapidly executed, off-the-cuff drawings, Perjovschi’s installations propose that art can be both political and critical without being didactic and moralistic. For his first solo museum exhibition in Greece, Perjovschi has been invited to create a new, large-scale 30-metre drawing installation, directly onto the largest wall of the EMST Foyer. Perjovschi has contributed to numerous exhibitions and biennials as well as literary and political journals, such as Contrapunct and 22. The latter was the first independent oppositional weekly published in Romania in the aftermath of the Democratic Revolution.

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