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lily van der stokker

Call of the Mall

Hoog-Catharijne, Utrecht
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Call of the mall

On one of the busiest junctions of the Netherlands the international art Call of the mall takes place, in the summer of 2013.

At Hoog Catharijne and Utrecht Central Station, in the corridors, on the walls, on roofs and ‘hiddengems‘ new artworks, by over 25 artists, will be shown. The exhibition covers Hoog Catharijne astime capsule and pressure cooker, where the major changes in the outside world are shown. Call of the Mall is organized by Foundation for Art in the station area in collaboration with the Municipality of Utrecht.

Call of the Mall
The world is changing. Our world is becoming more technologically and digitaler:fast’ and ‘manydetermine our workday. We are continuously connected by social media, but dowestill have real contact? The financial crisis, the shifting forces in Europe and the world: there are many conflicting views on how the world is changing and these changes lead.
Also Hoog Catharijnechanges. The 40-year-old complex is drastically changed. And its future is uncertain. If we can buyeverything over the internet, why do we still go to a store? And if we can work anywhere, why do we still go to the office? A new world is emerging in the world and we are seeking. In the mini-society Hoog Catharijne, artists try to come to grips with the changes and they hold a mirror to us.