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lily van der stokker

To the Wall

Aspen Art Museum, Aspen
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to the wall

This exhibition features two artists-Lily van der Stokker and David Shrigley- who employ drawing as a primary medium and whose work is equally humorous and conceptual. Although conceptualism has been historically identified as both anti-decadent and anti-monumental, these artists complicate this notion by working directly on the wall, engaging both the architectural and institutional frame of the gallery space. Additionally, the wall intensifies what Emma Dexter identifies as drawing’s “anecdotal and narrative potential, its inherent subjectivity, its leaning toward the popular and the vernacular.”

At the same time, these artists’ use of both dark and light humor breaks down the barriers of taste and engenders a sense of immediacy and familiarity. Often, text is used to playfully subvert language and provide absurd comment on even more absurd realities.

To the Wall will include new work by Lily van der Stokker and David Shrigley, and will be accompanied by a fully-illustrated brochure documenting the exhibition.