Crip Time
MMK, Frankfurt
18 September 2021 - 30 January 2022

“You don’t need to be fixed, my queens—it’s the world that needs the fixing.”
—Johanna Hedva

In a world that builds on unceasing bodily functionality, mobility, availability, and their constant expansion, every form of dysfunctionality leads to immediate exclusion or is declared in need of treatment. The violence inherent to normative conceptions of the body, and thus to education, labor, architecture, medicine, and pharmacology, is fatal. Human beings are constantly restricted and disabled by social barriers. Accessibility, however, is the basis for participation and justice. Sickness is not an individual but a collective societal matter. Health is not only a medical but also a political terrain on which social power relations play out.

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Judith hopf, crip time, 2021
installation view, museum mmk für modern kunst
photo: axel schnelder